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Article Marketing: The Write Way to Build More Links – Karon Thackston – Book Review

Article marketing is now horribly popular, to the point that Google had updates to specially tame article directories and content farms. Of course, that happened because articles are an easy way to get links to your site, as well as get content to Adsense sites. You have probably noticed that the average quality of those […]

Convert! Book Cover

Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion – Review

I’ve just finished reading Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion – by Ben Hunt. The book covers many ways to improve your traffic – and most importantly – how to improve the conversion rate you get from that traffic. The book is divided in two parts. The first part is Designing for […]


Link Building Review

I’ve just finished another Wordtracker book, this time it was Link Building:How to build links for your site for SEO, Traffic and Response by Ken McGaffin and Mark Nunney. On a funny note, I was quite pleased with the purchase of the book, as I had tried to purchase it for full price before. Wordtracker’s […]


Blogging for Business – Book Review

Blogging for Business, by Chris Garret, is the latest book I’ve read from WordTracker. It proposes to be a How-to for business blogging, and I’d say it covers that pretty well. Chapter 1 – Why Blog? One interesting part in the beginning is the comparison with various others vehicles for communication – newsletters: – Blogs […]