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STG Folderprint 3.77

Thought I should have a quick mention of the latest release. It just includes a simple new command-line option: -relative , and uses a new version of the protection system. If you are not aware already, FPP has a lot of command-line options that you can use to automate reports of folders. Great for the […]

Resynthesize on GIMP

Having mentioned the content-aware fill for Adobe CS5, I just had to mention the equivalent feature on the free GIMP. There is a pretty cool video that is similar to the CS5 one: You can see instructions on how to use it on Windows, as well as another demo here (blog post gone, link removed).

Zen Coding

The Download Squad has posted an interesting review of Zen Coding. It’s a very interesting system for those who write HTML and CSS by hand. The video is well worth watching. Personally, I’ve always wrote HTML by hand. Currently I use Notepad++. Of course, most of my pages are dynamically generated from XML+XSLT on each […]