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Guest Blogging Blueprint – Course Review

Guest Blogging Blueprint, by Joel Widmer, is a course that covers pretty much all you'd need to know to start guest blogging.

It goes from why, through searching for adequate blogs, to writing and promoting your guest blog posts.


The reason most people have to want to guest blog is simple: links. Most blogs you'd want to post in are going to give you a link or two in your post, which can really improve your ranking on search engines and give you traffic.

The course also mentions some other reasons:

  • Increase your credibility, or that of your brand
  • Get targeted traffic from those blog readers – for sales, awareness or to build and e-mail list
  • Promoting a product
  • Getting job offers

There are many more on the course, but these are probably enough to get anyone interested in being a guest blogger.


The course covers:

  • Goals
  • How to find Search keywords – that influences the blogs you will find
  • How to find blogs – some nice advice, and plenty of search engine tricks to help you find useful blogs
  • How to qualify the blogs you found – no point in getting a blog post on worthless blogs!
  • Choosing your topic – covers idea generation, how to see and match the tone of the blog, etc
  • How to Pitch your post to the blog – ideas on how to get the blog to accept your blog post, includes e-mail templates
  • Promoting your post – after you get your post in, it is useful to make it as visible as possible, and this include some techniques.


The course took me about 2.5 hours to conclude (I didn't actually do the exercises – but you probably should!), and it covers pretty much everything you'd want to know to start guest blogging.

There are also PDFs with e-mail templates, and the videos are downloadable – great if you want to watch on a tablet or cell phone.

Guest blogging Blueprint is money and time well spent if you are interested in the subject (which you probably should be, given the free traffic you can get!). Recommended.

I was able to get my readers a 50% discount coupon. At this price point (US$14!) the course is really a great deal.

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Note: I got a free review copy of the course from the author. This didn't change this review in any way, however.


By Luiz A D R Marques

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