Improved WordPress performance with WP-Minify

I just installed WP-Minify and I just had to comment on it. Looking at my site speed graphs (which are now a factor for Google), I noticed that some of the worst performance comes in the blog section. Reading Web Performant WordPress I read about WP-Minify and decided to try it. The performance improvement is absurd. Testing on YSlow, it gets from a Grade F (41 HTTP Requests, 412K) to Grade A (4 HTTP Requests, 107K)! That's pretty impressive for a simple plugin install. Very recommended to anyone using WordPress.

5 out of 5 stars
Update: 26/Apr/2011
The current version of WP-Minify is 1.1.3. According to many reports, this version no longer compress JS files, and the latest that works properly is 1.04. What I have noticed here is even worse – if I try either version with the latest WordPress 3.1.1, I have to turn off CSS Minify on WP-Minify configuration page, or the blog gets completely messed up…

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By Luiz A D R Marques

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