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PluralSight – Review

I just realized that I apparently never posted about PluralSight, even though I reviewed a bunch of courses I took there. PluralSight has a lot of courses in many areas. This includes development, game development, art, devops and more. They also have smart systems that will evaluate you and suggest courses in a specific area, […]

ICanLocalize Review

One thing that has bothered me for a while is that while the update system for STG FolderPrint Plus is mostly localized (English, Portuguese, French, German and Spanish) , my messages in it aren’t. I have used ICanLocalize a few years before for the translation of the site to Spanish, and was fairly satisfied – […]


Stanford Natural Language Processing Course – Review

I have recently finished watching the last classes on the Stanford Natural Language Processing Course. Natural Language Processing is used in many ways in current software, and the course was quite interesting and covered a lot of ground. Some of the topics covered were: Spelling Correction Language Modeling Text Classification Sentiment Analysis Parsing Information Retrieval […]

HTML 5 Logo

HTML 5 Please

HTML5 Please is a pretty cool concept. Whenever your application requires an HTML 5 feature that the user’s browser doesn’t have, their API shows a nice screen with browsers that support that feature, including newer versions of the user’s browser. A nice way to get people to update when the new features would actually be useful.

Stanford Online AI Classes

This year, a whole batch of free online classes became available from Stanford professors. I’ve always been interested in AI, and so I took Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning . Both courses cover AI, but the first does more of a tour of the field, covering a lot of topics. The second is only about Machine Learning, […]

Usability Bundle

The World Usability Day Bundle site is now available. It has a lot of usually expensive usability tools with a huge US$3800 discount (well, US$3950 if you use the link above – you get a US$150 extra discount). Of course, that is still US$1220, but for serious usability professionals this is pretty cheap. If you […]