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DirtyMarkup – HTML/CSS/Javascript Cleaner

HTML 5 LogoJust wanted to mention DirtyMarkup – a nice, simple HTML/CSS/JS cleaner.  Just paste your code, choose your options and press Clean – and in a few seconds, you get a nicely formatted version of your messy code.

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HTML 5 Please

HTML 5 Logo
HTML5 Please is a pretty cool concept.

Whenever your application requires an HTML 5 feature that the user's browser doesn't have, their API shows a nice screen with browsers that support that feature, including newer versions of the user's browser.

A nice way to get people to update when the new features would actually be useful.

Book Review

HTML 5 and CSS 3: Develop with Tomorrow’s Standards Today – Book Review

I've just finished reading HTML 5 and CSS 3: Develop with Tomorrow's Standards Today, by Brian P. Hogan.

The purpose of the book is showing how to use features on HTML 5 and CSS 3, today. Given how uneven adoption has been in various browsers (specially IE), a big part of this is providing fallbacks whenever possible – ways of keeping things working on older browsers. This is very important today, and I was pleased that in almost every situation there was a usable fallback.

There is a whole lot of new stuff on HTML 5, CSS 3 and on the other related future tech analyzed in the book.

Some of the things I liked:
– new content tags, for clearer markup
– improved CSS3, including gradients, rounding, shadows and transformations
– Local Storage and DBs on the browsers, and specially offline support for standalone webapps. Unfortunately the DB part varies a lot between browsers, because this is a very nice way to get over the fragmentation of apps between the desktop and the various smartphones.

The book also covers stuff such as the new canvas, embedding Audio and Video (which is much simpler than it used to be), accessibility, and many other things.

Well recommended if you are interested in the topic.

As a side note, I read it as an e-book on a Kindle. While I've read many fiction books on it, this was my first technical book.
It went pretty well. It's easy to highlight interesting sections (albeit VERY slow) and bookmarking pages. All diagrams were pretty readable, albeit black & white, of course. Delivery is also automatic from the Pragmatic Bookshelf, if you have a Wi-Fi Kindle and set its address with them, including updates.