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Using Animated GIFs on E-mail

Interesting article from MailChimp on using animated GIFs on e-mail . They demonstrated some features on e-mails with animated GIFs. They look very nice, and more importantly, clearly show how these features work. I do wonder how well these work for people with data plans. Even though they are very short, just these two add up to […]

CSS Architecture

Very nice post on CSS Architecture. I have just read Clean Code and many of the same principles from coding apply to CSS. A particular problem I know is everywhere on mine is splitting classes on attribute blocks to save typing – which of course spreads the definition all over the file! I will keep an […]


MailChimp and Mandrill

MailChimp is unifying their regular e-mail data and Mandrill data. Uh, why would you care? You probably don’t, but if you have e-mail newsletters and e-mail notifications, there is some pretty cool things you can do with their new system. Mandrill is MailChimp’s general e-mail sender. So if you have any web app, you can either […]


Running a software business

Great article by Patrick McKenzie on Running a software business on 5 hours a week . Some of the advice I found interesting: Time Assets: stuff that will save you time in the future. For example, code that you write today that will save you time later, or automating a process. Build less: everything you add will […]


A very interesting post on Readability on Distilled . The examples and checklist in the end are quite useful. A personal pet peeve for me is sites (as well as magazines) that don’t have sufficient contrast! It is still quite common. Of course, reading this I realize that I really should redesign my blogs and my […]


Web Traffic Case Study

Just read an interesting case study  on traffic conversion with a dozen traffic types – AdWords, Twitter, etc. While the sample is relatively small, the results are interesting, particularly how Twitter Auto Follow (by setting to follow the competition’s followers and sending a direct message to everyone who follows him) beat all the competing traffic sources […]