CSS3 Animations

A List Apart has an interesting overview of CSS3 animation and user experience .

I have seen a few of these effects around, and they really add to the user experience while being pretty light.


Cool CSS3 Gradient Animation Effect

An interesting way to get background gradient animation with CSS3 – basically by using a larger background image and moving the position on hover.

Check out the original article .


More Cool CSS3 Effects

Some very nice effects with sources listed in this article .

My favorites (with direct links and images):

black and white images (might try these for STGThumb albums)

– page top shadow (looks very nice)(broken link)top Shadow CSS3 Effect

stitched effect

stitched CSS3 Effect


corner ribbon corner-ribbon-css3


8 cool new CSS3 effects

CSS 3 Logo
Very interesting post at WebDeveloperJuice showing 8 just arrived magic effects of css3 worth to know .

It is hard to choose a favorite, but the paper fold looks very nice.

Update: a few more effects on More Cool CSS3 Effects