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Killer Headlines for Web Content – Book Review

Killer Headlines for Web Content, by Nick Osborne is an e-book by WordTracker.

It is more of a report than a book, at 65 pages. This is a problem in the sense that it limits the amount of content it covers, but it also makes it a quick read.

The book proposes to cover a few approaches so that you can write better headlines.

It does have good suggestions – mostly the classic approaches (numbered lists, fear, how to, etc) – but it does feel quite oriented for news and generic articles, rather than business content. It does mention this in the Introduction, and says that these headlines work, and it is your job to fit it to your pages and articles to make them work.

I feel that the approaches were reasonably well covered, and it did give me a few ideas. I might even look at my notes when I'm looking for a good headline.

At the current discounted price – US$19 – I feel that the book is worth its price, but I wouldn't recommend it at its full price.

By Luiz A D R Marques

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