Course Review

Learning technology in the information age – Course Review

Learning technology in the information age, by Dan Appleman, is a short (2 hour) course in how to learn tech in the most effective way for your career. This is part of Pluralsight.

I liked the way that he divided the tracks in learning technology:

  • Fundamentals – the basics, can last a long time, but might be complex
  • Information – relevant to a specific tech – you usually don't need to learn the fundamentals to use it, but it might leave important holes in your knowledge; gets obsolete quickly, but easier to learn.
  • Skills – actually using what you know about information and fundaments to do stuff – what employers/clients usually want
  • Innovation – what experts are best on – but can be expensive to learn to that level, and less cost effective than just being competent

The course also goes into how to learn on each of the tracks, and the advantages of the various ways to learn, such as books, online courses, schools, etc. And ways to create a learning plan.

Overall, pretty interesting, and I have added several of his other courses to my lists.

By Luiz A D R Marques

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