Print MP3 List

One of the many functions of STG FolderPrint Plus is to print mp3 lists, or export music lists.

It allows you to choose a number of fields, such as title,  artist, album, etc and include them when you print, export or view your file list.

You can also do batch Move/Copy of MP3 List- for example, if you decide that you want your music on a USB Drive in a folder with the Artist Name, then the Album name, you can do it in a few clicks.

You can also rename automatically using the MP3 Tags, which is very useful if your MP3 Player just displays a part of the file name.

One thing that all current books about web design reinforce is that different users should get specific landing pages. That is why the link above is to the new page specific to MP3 and Music. It's still very much a work in progress, but I have to say that I really liked how it looks with a 400 pixel wide screenshot image. The site was originally made (by me, using a purchased template) back in 2003, when the average resolution was 800×600, and 640×480 was still common.

On current resolutions, the screenshots look tiny!

I guess the next step is revising all product pages, and using STGThumb's Lytebox Album to show multiple screenshots using the same space.

Book Review

The Web Content Recipe Book – review

I've recently read The Web Content Recipe book, by Rachelle Money, Ken McGaffin and Mark Nunney. I expected a good book, from the excerpts available on PDF, but found it was even better than that.

The book proposes to improve your ability to create good web content. Web content is important for several reasons, depending on your site, but in any case, fresh web content with well-tuned SEO content is a great way to bring in new readers and potential clients from search engines.

The first section deals with several principles, such as how to apply marketing to your content, how to write and structure an article, how to optimize them for SEO, and others.

The second session has ideas for what kind of content you could add – FAQs, tips and tricks, case studies, reviews and much more. In most cases, they have long, useful discussions on how to best write that kind of article.

The SEO concepts are throughout all the book, which isn't surprising since it's from Wordtracker.

The book was enjoyable as well as instructive, and certainly covers the topics well. I found many useful suggestions on how to improve my writing – including book reviews – and it was after reading it that I decided to add a blog to my site, something I've been postponing for a while. I usually take notes while reading, and in this case they added up to several pages, because there was so much to take from the text.

I can really recommend this one to anyone who have a site, and wants extra clients and search engine referrals (i.e.: everyone with a site).