Software Release

STG FolderPrint Plus 3.93 Released

I have just released version 3.93 of STG FolderPrint Plus.

The only major change is that I have added an Explorer Menu item to the right-click menu of files and folders. This shows the equivalent Explorer Menu that you would get on Windows Explorer.

Software Release

STG FolderPrint Plus 3.91 Released

I have just released version 3.91 of STG FolderPrint Plus.

There are two changes in this release. First, I've fixed the Load Tree so as to open as read-only and avoid changing the last modified date of stgtree files.

Second, I usually save scans of drives. Yes, the program is fast but when you have several hundred thousands or millions of files – and specially when you turn Open Compressed Files – a scan can take a while.

One thing that really bothered me when opening a stgtree file is that the program just apparently froze, without any feedback. Now it displays a dialog with an animation, as well as a percentage bar and number of files read. And if you use Windows 7 it will also display progress on the taskbar.

Software Release

STG FolderPrint Plus 3.90 Release

I have just released version 3.90 of STG FolderPrint Plus.

The main focus on this release is the Search screen (which you get by clicking menu Edit->Search Tree or pressing CTRL+F).

If you are not aware, you might want to know that when Open Compressed Files is On, Search will find files inside compressed files. Till now the display of this was confusing – but now it display the full name of the ZIP on the Folder Column. See below:

Displaying the ZIP name on the folder column


Also, I personally use the Preview windows all the time, and I (and several users) missed it on the Search window. Now it also works when you select files on the Search Window.



So far, STG FolderPrint Plus does not preview files inside ZIP or other compressed files, but that could be improved. What do you think? Does this seem useful to you? Leave your comment below.

Software Release

STGThumb 3.30 and the new slide show

I have released STGThumb 3.30 yesterday. The new, exciting feature (to me, at least) is the new Flux Slider based slide show mode.

It features great looking 3D and 2D transitions between photos, including hardware acceleration if your browser supports it.

It looks great, and I posted a new demo to show it off.

You can also see the documentation for more details.

Software Release

Effects for STG Picture Merge 2

I have just released STG Picture Merge 2.

The main addition to this version is effects . You can now set effects for each of the pictures.

The regular download comes with 2 effects (Convert to B&W and Negative), and you can get 10 more for free.

You can see samples of the effects on the Image Effects on STG Picture Merge page.

It is easy to get it for free – just click on the button below

[wdsm_ad id=”690″ class=” ” ]

Important: I have just released version 2.1, which contains all effects. Just download it again at the Picture Merge page. If you'd rather get a smaller download, use the button above.

Software Release

STG FolderPrint Plus 3.85 released

STG FolderPrint Plus 3.85 is now available at


3.85 (24/Aug/2011)

  • Minor Fix for MP3 Rename
To explain, MP3 Rename has to clear a few characters from ID3 when it creates filenames. I've added a few, including ? which has caused problems for users.
Software Release

STGThumb 3.20 release, with Google Web Fonts support

I've just released STGThumb 3.20 .

The biggest change in this release is the addition of support to Google Web Fonts. I've changed the Classic sample album with it on.

To use it, just look at Google Web Fonts and pick the name of the font you want. Go to HTML Configuration, enter the name, turn it on and and STGThumb will add it to your album. The fonts are loaded directly from Google's servers, so you don't have to upload anything else.

I've also increased the default size of thumbnails to 250×250. Average Monitor resolution and internet access speed have increased quite a bit in the ten years since the original release.

Software Release

STG FolderPrint Plus 3.84 released

STG FolderPrint Plus 3.84 is now available at

3.84 (21/Jul/2011)

  • Improved maximum memory usage on 64-bit systems.
  • Added Registered to notice to main form title.
Some users scan large volumes of data – several million files. STG FolderPrint Plus can easily handle this, but sometimes that can be more than the 2GB it used to support. Now, if you are using a 64-bit OS and have enough memory, STG FolderPrint Plus can use up to 4GB.
I've also added the user number and number of license to the title bar. Some users weren't sure if the program was actually registered, this should help.
Software Release

STGThumb 3.10 release

I've just released STGThumb 3.10 .

The biggest change in this release is the addition of a CSS based instant photo effect. I've added a new sample album with this effect on.

Instant Photo Effect from STGThumb
Instant Photo Effect from STGThumb

As you can see, the effect adds a white border and drop shadow that looks like a Polaroid photo. Personally I really like how it looks, and I think some of you will too.

There were also some minor fixes, and changes in the defaults for album – particularly, I changed the yellow background default (which I started really disliking over the years) to a light gray.

For next release, I'm planning to add support for custom fonts from Google's Webfonts.


Software Release

STGThumb 3.05 and CSS Drop Shadows

I have just released STGThumb 3.05. The main new feature is CSS Drop Shadows. You can see a sample below, as rendered by Google Chrome 11

STGThumb added Drop Shadow as an image effect many years ago.

There are a few advantages with the new CSS Method:

  • Even when images are not created by the program, you get the drop shadows. That means they apply for all albums, non-resized images on Vertical and Horizontal framed albums, as well as slide shows. Pure HTML Albums too.
  • You can change the background color of the HTML and they still look fine, even with background images.

The one disadvantage is that they are rendered by the browser – that means they may change from browser to browser and may not even work on some.

To turn CSS Drop Shadows on, just turn the option on menu Options,HTML Configuration. I recommend turning the image effect off on menu Options, Output Settings if it is on.

The new version is available from the regular page, as usual.