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STGThumb 3.40

I have just released version 3.40 of STGThumb. Changes: – Visual Changes: Toolbar icons, buttons. – Form size and position is now saved. – Starts with thumbnails instead of file list. – Scaled forms – if you use the standard Windows font size, you shouldn’t notice any difference. However, if you use Large font size […]


Web Album

You can quickly make Web Albums with STGThumb. While you can easily tell from the name that thumbnails were the main idea when I first developed STGThumb, very soon users started to request a Web Album feature. It couldn’t be easier to make online photo albums with STGThumb. Just choose the photos you want, click […]

Merge Options screen

STGThumb 3.0 and Picture Merge

I’ve just released version 3.0 of STGThumb. The features added are related to STG Picture Merge. Picture Merge is an old, simple program from 2002, with a single purpose – merging two picture with an user-selected transparency setting. Recently it has become popular, due to several blog reviews. Some users do a lot of images […]