Software Release

STGThumb 3.40

I have just released version 3.40 of STGThumb.


– Visual Changes: Toolbar icons, buttons.
– Form size and position is now saved.
– Starts with thumbnails instead of file list.
– Scaled forms – if you use the standard Windows font size, you shouldn't notice any difference. However, if you use Large font size or larger, the program will try to scale most forms for the new font size. Personally, I use large fonts and I think it looks a lot better now! If you have any problems, please contact me.
You can get it at, or just run the program, and use Menu Help, item Check for updates now.

Software Release

STGThumb 3.32 and CSS3 Gradients

I have released STGThumb 3.32 today. The new feature is CSS3 Background gradients.

It looks great, and I posted a new demo to show it off.

Software Release

STGThumb 3.30 and the new slide show

I have released STGThumb 3.30 yesterday. The new, exciting feature (to me, at least) is the new Flux Slider based slide show mode.

It features great looking 3D and 2D transitions between photos, including hardware acceleration if your browser supports it.

It looks great, and I posted a new demo to show it off.

You can also see the documentation for more details.


Web Album

You can quickly make Web Albums with STGThumb.

While you can easily tell from the name that thumbnails were the main idea when I first developed STGThumb, very soon users started to request a Web Album feature.

It couldn't be easier to make online photo albums with STGThumb. Just choose the photos you want, click Generate HTML Album and your photo album is ready to upload.

Other album maker options are several Album styles:
Vertical Style HTML Album
Classic Style HTML Album
Horizontal Style HTML Album
Lytebox Style HTML Album
HTML Slide Show
Classic Album with CSS Instant Photo Effect

[big_button color=”blue” url=”” desc=””]Download Now[/big_button]

Software Release

STGThumb 3.20 release, with Google Web Fonts support

I've just released STGThumb 3.20 .

The biggest change in this release is the addition of support to Google Web Fonts. I've changed the Classic sample album with it on.

To use it, just look at Google Web Fonts and pick the name of the font you want. Go to HTML Configuration, enter the name, turn it on and and STGThumb will add it to your album. The fonts are loaded directly from Google's servers, so you don't have to upload anything else.

I've also increased the default size of thumbnails to 250×250. Average Monitor resolution and internet access speed have increased quite a bit in the ten years since the original release.

Software Release

STGThumb 3.10 release

I've just released STGThumb 3.10 .

The biggest change in this release is the addition of a CSS based instant photo effect. I've added a new sample album with this effect on.

Instant Photo Effect from STGThumb
Instant Photo Effect from STGThumb

As you can see, the effect adds a white border and drop shadow that looks like a Polaroid photo. Personally I really like how it looks, and I think some of you will too.

There were also some minor fixes, and changes in the defaults for album – particularly, I changed the yellow background default (which I started really disliking over the years) to a light gray.

For next release, I'm planning to add support for custom fonts from Google's Webfonts.


Software Release

STGThumb 3.05 and CSS Drop Shadows

I have just released STGThumb 3.05. The main new feature is CSS Drop Shadows. You can see a sample below, as rendered by Google Chrome 11

STGThumb added Drop Shadow as an image effect many years ago.

There are a few advantages with the new CSS Method:

  • Even when images are not created by the program, you get the drop shadows. That means they apply for all albums, non-resized images on Vertical and Horizontal framed albums, as well as slide shows. Pure HTML Albums too.
  • You can change the background color of the HTML and they still look fine, even with background images.

The one disadvantage is that they are rendered by the browser – that means they may change from browser to browser and may not even work on some.

To turn CSS Drop Shadows on, just turn the option on menu Options,HTML Configuration. I recommend turning the image effect off on menu Options, Output Settings if it is on.

The new version is available from the regular page, as usual.

Software Release

STGThumb 3.0 and Picture Merge

I've just released version 3.0 of STGThumb.

The features added are related to STG Picture Merge. Picture Merge is an old, simple program from 2002, with a single purpose – merging two picture with an user-selected transparency setting. Recently it has become popular, due to several blog reviews.

Some users do a lot of images at once and asked for an easier way. STGThumb is the perfect way for me to do that and already does most of what was necessary.

What was added was the Merge a Picture setting, and the corresponding options:

New Merge a Picture options on STGThumb 3.0
Merge Options screen

It also includes a new Tools menu, which allows merging a single picture quickly, in the same exact way as the stand-alone program.

I may add extra options if users are interested – please comment below if there is anything you'd like.

Get STGThumb here.

Software Release

STGThumb 2.95 released

STGThumb 2.95 is a new release, and has improved pagination (when using Multiple pages).

This is how it used to look:

And this is the new look:
New Pagination for STGThumb 2.95

I've also fixed a bug when launching the page in the browser with multiple pages (and Classic or Lytebox albums).

It's available from the regular page, as usual.

Software Release

STGThumb 2.94 released

I just got a report of a bug in slide show generation (i.e.: it just didn't work). So I immediately fixed and posted a new release, 2.94.

It's available from the regular page, as usual.