Software Release

STG FolderPrint Plus 3.84 released

STG FolderPrint Plus 3.84 is now available at

3.84 (21/Jul/2011)

  • Improved maximum memory usage on 64-bit systems.
  • Added Registered to notice to main form title.
Some users scan large volumes of data – several million files. STG FolderPrint Plus can easily handle this, but sometimes that can be more than the 2GB it used to support. Now, if you are using a 64-bit OS and have enough memory, STG FolderPrint Plus can use up to 4GB.
I've also added the user number and number of license to the title bar. Some users weren't sure if the program was actually registered, this should help.
Software Release

STGThumb 3.0 and Picture Merge

I've just released version 3.0 of STGThumb.

The features added are related to STG Picture Merge. Picture Merge is an old, simple program from 2002, with a single purpose – merging two picture with an user-selected transparency setting. Recently it has become popular, due to several blog reviews.

Some users do a lot of images at once and asked for an easier way. STGThumb is the perfect way for me to do that and already does most of what was necessary.

What was added was the Merge a Picture setting, and the corresponding options:

New Merge a Picture options on STGThumb 3.0
Merge Options screen

It also includes a new Tools menu, which allows merging a single picture quickly, in the same exact way as the stand-alone program.

I may add extra options if users are interested – please comment below if there is anything you'd like.

Get STGThumb here.

Software Release

STGThumb 2.95 released

STGThumb 2.95 is a new release, and has improved pagination (when using Multiple pages).

This is how it used to look:

And this is the new look:
New Pagination for STGThumb 2.95

I've also fixed a bug when launching the page in the browser with multiple pages (and Classic or Lytebox albums).

It's available from the regular page, as usual.