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Quick & Easy Keyword Optimization – Book Review

I read Quick & Easy Keyword Optimization, Setting up a Profitable Flow of Traffic – by Karon Thackston – on record time (maybe 15 minutes) , mostly because I recently read her SEO Copywriting Flow recently. And it is on most part the same material.

So, is it any good? Yes, there are a few insights that makes SEO Copywriting Flow worth it, but for the current US$25 (US$15 with the launch discount) difference I can't recommend you get this one instead.

There are a few extra insights here, though:

  • use keyphrases, individual words and synonyms in your copy. This is not mentioned on the book, but there are LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) tools all around that search for relevant synonyms for keywords.
  • remember to add your keywords on bullet lists.
  • position as opposite to avoid calling your product something that users are looking for (i.e.: cheap).
There is also a mention of using Wordtracker Title and Description Wizard. Doesn't seem particularly useful, though.

So overall, I recommend that you get SEO Copywriting Flow from Amazon instead.

By Luiz A D R Marques

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