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Sleep Hacking: Course Review

Sleep Hacking 101: Have more Energy spend less time in bed is a course on Udemy on how to optimize your sleep.

The idea of the course is that there are practices you can take that can enable you to sleep less and still have more energy.

The course consists mostly of videos (with a few PDFs with mostly the same content and a Excel file for you to work on your habits), and took me about 2 hours to watch, while writing notes.

What it covers is the nature of sleep, and what you can do to improve yours, such as:

  • Get more light in the day, specially right after you wake up, and avoid it before sleep and if you wake up during sleep
  • Avoid too much coffee, and also food and drinks near your bed time
  • Minor advice on sleep monitors and smart wake alarm such as the Zeo (which I understand is no longer available); I would really like to have seen more on this area, specially reviews of products that are still available
  • Some suggestions on what to do before sleep
  • Suggestions on naps, which mostly is that they are useful and that they should be short enough that you don't enter deep sleep and wake up groggy

Overall, I'd say that the course does have some useful advice, although I already heard almost everything on the course before. I feel I wasn't taking enough natural light during the day, though, and following the course advice already helped a bit. It was good to be reminded of some of the other stuff, which I hadn't forgotten but started ignoring.

What remained was enough for the price I paid, but if I had paid full price (US$49 right now) I might have asked for a refund. If you get a nice discount, it is worth it.

Update (19/Nov/2013): I asked the course's author (Scott Britton) for a discount for my blog readers. And he offered a 100% discount! So you can get the course for free! Considering this I have changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars.

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By Luiz A D R Marques

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