Hide/Show Password

Lately I've been seeing a trend for showing passwords on forms. The logic here is – many users mistype because they can't see what they are typing (this is backed by data), and at the same time, on many conditions there is no security advantage. Sure, if there is someone looking at your monitor behind you it will be easier than seeing you type it (unless you are a very slow typer), but that is just one case.

So I think Hide/Show Password is a great idea. If you really want to, you can just hide the password, or show it. It is a JQuery/Zepto plugin and looks easy to use.


Fog Creek Site Redesign

Fog Creek, of the world famous FogBugz, had an interesting blog post about how they redesigned their web page.

It covers what was wrong with their web page – I was a little surprised to see that it took 8 clicks to get a price quote! – and what they did, and are doing, to improve it.

It really is very clear at a glance that the new page is much better, and the redesign reminded me of all the design principles that were covered in Save the Pixel and Convert!.

I do wish they shared hard numbers on the conversion improvements, though.


Book Review

Save the Pixel – Review

Save the Pixel is a web design book by Ben Hunt. I recently read and reviewed another book by him, Convert! .

Save the Pixel is all about minimalist web design, thus the name. One of the principles repeated over and over is that you should not waste screen space – and most importantly, the visitors attention – with elements that don't contribute for the message.

He also is a believer that the site should be designed with the content – instead of the traditional template/content separation. Seeing his examples, it is easy to see what he means, and it does looks like it makes sense.

There are several chapters about how to make your design work, with explanations on how to use white space, size, contrast and color to make sure that your content gets the attention of the visitor.

Overall, the book was good and I learned a few lessons, but I liked Convert! more. Maybe because the topic seemed more interesting and less design related.  It also very much feels like an expanded sequel in some of the aspects covered by Save the Pixel.

One thing that I'd like to have seen more is actual conversion data for the many case studies.  There were maybe 2 or 3 stats throughout the whole book, unlike Convert! where they were everywhere.

Ben Hunt also has a web design course . It is video based (with some spreadsheets and PDFs too) explaining design, marketing, SEO and the business. I finished the course, and learned a lot, and I have posted a review in Ben Hunt's Web Design Course Review. You also get the book for free when you join this course.

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How to make users scroll down your page

Interesting article on How to make users scroll down your page.

The size of the page they demonstrate is impressive – 19 feet tall!

Turns out that it's important to make it clear that the page isn't over at the fold, and they show a few techniques for encouring users to scroll – such as avoiding horizontal elements that might indicate that the page is over, using a background for the sides, and others.

They also point you to tools to see how far your users are actually scrolling down, such as Clicktale.