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WPF Productivity Playbook

Just finished WPF Productivity Playbook on PluralSight. Lots of smaller productivity details I didn’t know in WPF, as well as examples of several other things you can do with WPF. Very interesting, and very well presented. My only complaint would be that there are no captions. Got to say that the more I learn about it, […]


Principles of Game Design – Course Review

I recently completed the course Principles of Game Design, on Coursera, from Michigan State University. This course is part of the Game Design and Development Specialization. I have reviewed the first course in the series – Introduction to Game Development . This one covers how to design games – having game ideas, creating a story, characters […]


Become a SpeedDemon: Productivity Tricks to Have More Time – Course Review

Become a SpeedDemon: Productivity Tricks to Have More Time is a course on productivity by Jonathan Levi – author of Become a Superlearner (a much longer and better course, BTW). It is nicely short and to the point, and there are some useful tips there – such as: – prepare before starting a task, so that you […]


Software Security Course – Course Review

I have recently finished the Software Security course by Michael Hicks, from the Maryland Cybersecurity center. I felt the course was interesting and useful. It covered: – Old school buffer overflows/format string attacks and defenses – Web attacks such as SQL injection, Cross-site Scripting, Cross-site request forgery and Session hijacking. – Automated Tools – code […]