6 Smart ways to Capture E-mails

Interesting article on a few techniques to grow your e-mail list.

The scroll-triggered box is very, very old, as are most of the others, but they are still very useful and good ideas.


Form popover times

Interesting article on aWeber's blog.

Popover forms are inline forms that pop in a web page (thus avoiding pop-up blockers). A lot of people use them to request sign-ups for e-mail lists, and in this article, over a couple of tests, looks like they got better results with faster times.

I would have thought that longer times would help the user get interested on what you say. (I guess that depends on if they are more interested AFTER reading your content or BEFORE…)

Of course, given the anecdotal nature of the data, it is probably best to run your own split tests for this.


How to get high open rates on your e-mails

An interesting article on Aweber with suggestions to get high open rates for your e-mail.

The suggestion I liked the most – using the logo alternate text for the textthat is usually extracted from the first line. I didn't know online e-mails did that for logos, and it solves having an awkward first line, sometimes separated from the rest of the e-mail (or the traditional Click here to View this online).