Sales Map

Sales Map

Plimus, one of the registration services I use, has a nice report which shows the last few hundred sales on a map. It looks pretty cool, and I thought I’d share mine here: On the actual report, you can click balloon to see the specific order data. Please note that this only covers a small […]

Google Instant and AdWords

Just read an interesting post from Software Promotions about Google Instant and AdWords. Looks like currently, if the user stops typing for 3 seconds, any displayed AdWords ads count as impressions. Obviously that can really change the CTR and Quality score of AdWords advertisers… Hopefully Google will change this in the future.


STG Folderprint 3.77

Thought I should have a quick mention of the latest release. It just includes a simple new command-line option: -relative , and uses a new version of the protection system. If you are not aware already, FPP has a lot of command-line options that you can use to automate reports of folders. Great for the […]


Link Building Review

I’ve just finished another Wordtracker book, this time it was Link Building:How to build links for your site for SEO, Traffic and Response by Ken McGaffin and Mark Nunney. On a funny note, I was quite pleased with the purchase of the book, as I had tried to purchase it for full price before. Wordtracker’s […]


Blogging for Business – Book Review

Blogging for Business, by Chris Garret, is the latest book I’ve read from WordTracker. It proposes to be a How-to for business blogging, and I’d say it covers that pretty well. Chapter 1 – Why Blog? One interesting part in the beginning is the comparison with various others vehicles for communication – newsletters: – Blogs […]